Critical Injuries by Joan Barfoot

Critical Injuries

Joan Barfoot

A simple case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time leads to the lives of the two main characters being turned upside down. An unsettling book, in that what initially is a black and white narrative, gradually draws in shades of grey to become a much more complex read as a harrowing experience shifts to become an exhilarating life-changing one and a violent act results in a gentle character emerging. Powerful stuff!

As it is, she walks in on a robbery.

As instantly as she sees this, it is instantly too late. Just through the door, waving back towards Lyle, turning then towards the checkout counter, the freezer, and the young man with the gun is already turning her way, already startled, already recognizable.

Isla's mouth falls open; perhaps she is preparing to say his name which is Roddy ....

She turns, although there's no point. His finger jerks on the trigger, although there's no point in that either.

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