Tamara Walks on Water by Shifra Horn

Tamara Walks on Water

Shifra Horn

With all the colour, flavour and vivid character you would imagine of the Israeli town of Jaffa in the early 1900s, this book brings to life the story of Tamara and those of the people around her and how she sees them. The book is full of detailed descriptive passages that wonderfully capture her experiences as a child and continues through to the burgeoning passion she discovers as a young woman.

In honour of my first day at school, Grandma Abulafia made me a blue dress adorned with a starched, whitened linen pinafore and bought me a pair of soft, pearl-coloured kidskin shoes that gently hugged my ankles, climbed halfway up my calves and wound themselves around them warmly, where wide silk ribbons held them in place. On a chair by the bed I put the dress and shoes together with the sugar candy shaped like the letters of the Hebrew alphabet she had made to sweeten my first day at school.
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