Strong for Potatoes by Cynthia Thayer

Strong for Potatoes

Cynthia Thayer

Although Blue encounters many problems, the book shows the redemptive power of love and nature. The tenderness of her relationship with her grandfather is at the heart of the book, and you empathise with her in her struggle to find her true identity. It's ultimately a triumph of love over loneliness, and beautifully written.

After a time, Grandpa patted my shoulder gently and we moved on. His presence round me was intense. I couldn't hear anything but I knew where he was every second. Suddenly I felt the loneliness. His mostly, but mine too. He missed Grandma and I missed Maria, Berry and something else I couldn't define ... Mama would ruin the day when we got home. She would ask what we saw on our walk without waiting for an answer. Make it seem silly and unimportant.
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