My Name is Light by Elsa Osorio

My Name is Light

Elsa Osorio

A powerful novel about the redemptive power of love set in the bleak aftermath of the 'Dirty War' in Argentina. Written with the intensity of a thriller, Luz (the main character)exposes the evils of unbridled power, prejudice and corruption. A worthy winner of the Amnesty International Award for Fiction, this is a book that needed to be written and deserves to be read.

'You can't leave things like this, Eduardo; you've got to find out ....'

Dolores keeps on at you relentlessly, asking you all the questions you've asked yourself many times: why did you let them, why didn't you ask more questions about where she'd come from, why all those years of silence, of turning a blind eye? You don't care that you're stammering, that you don't have an answer, that you can't justify yourself. You want to be seen, for once, as the naked, soiled thing that you are, and let Dolores judge you.

'Afterwards Dolores came to understand what Eduardo had been through. When we met, she told me over and over again that he tried to find out the truth; not at first, but when I was seven ....'

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