The Octopus Hunter by Grant Stewart

The Octopus Hunter

Grant Stewart

A straight talking novel about 'living the dream', giving it all up in England and setting up a hotel in Albania. However, can the venture be sustained when the Serbs invade and society faces disintegration?

Robert took a slow sip of his beer and wiped his mouth with the back of his forearm and exhaled. 'I can't drive a car and I wouldn't know how to get a pension or a credit card and the thought of buying a house in my own country - one that costs more than Monopoly money - scares the life out of me. I haven't grown up. I wanted to come to places where things are simple. Very, very simple, if possible. Where everything isn't ruled by change, all the time. Where you don't have to fight to stay ahead of the game. I wanted some time to, to just be.
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