The Solitude of Prime Numbers by Paolo Giordano

The Solitude of Prime Numbers

Paolo Giordano

Two emotionally damaged teenagers find comfort in each other but their relationship cannot support them through adult life. Clear, precise writing with few descriptive passages delivers a sympathetic handling of the turmoil of growing up and the unhappiness of being an outsider. Some flashes of humour from the heroine and a promise that perhaps one of them may eventually find contentment keep this an enjoyable if thought provoking read.

He started staring at the gleaming black surface of the river. Again he tried to remember its name, but it wouldn't come. He plunged his hands into the cold earth. On the bank the dampness made it softer. He found a piece of a bottle, a sharp reminder of some night-time festivity. The first time he stuck it into his hand it didn't hurt, perhaps he didn't even notice. Then he started twisting it round in his flesh to get it deeper in, without taking his eyes off the water. He waited for Michela to rise to the surface, and in the meantime he wondered why some things float while some others don't.
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