The Return by Hakan Nesser

The Return

Hakan Nesser

Although the writer is Swedish, this book is set in a deliberately unnamed Northern European country. If you like a straight, gritty police procedural with little characterisation or description, you'll enjoy this. Plot is everything - and this one moves between time frames. You may be a bit confused unless you are already a fan of Inspector Van Veeteren, who recovers with amazing speed from a serious stomach operation to solve a gruesome murder.


The unspoken agreement is a sort of murky bond between them, but it is only now that she has begun to appreciate the price. The counterbalance. The incomprehensible horror on the other side of the scales.

  • Any books by Ake Edwardson
  • Any books by Karin Fossum
  • Any books by Henning Mankell

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