Angels by Marian Keyes


Marian Keyes

Wow! What a great, fun, holiday read. Fast paced and true to life, with believable characters you may even start giving advice to. Maggie's marriage is in ruins, and she decides to spend a month with her best friend, an impoverished script writer,in Los Angeles. She meets strange LA actors and models and has sexual dalliances, but will she eventually find herself and 'live happily ever after'?

A few nights previously I'd woken in the darkness for a good worry. Something I often did, usually fretting about work and money. You know the usual. Having too much of one and not enough of the other. But recently - probably longer than recently - I'd been worrying about me and Garv instead. Would things ever get better? Were they better already and I just wasn't seeing it?

Most nights I didn't come to any conclusions and lapsed back into a unreassured sleep. But this time I was afflicted with sudden, unwelcome x-ray vision. I could see straight through the padding of the daily routine, the private language and the shared past, right into the heart of me and Garv, into all that happened over the last while. Everything was stripped away and I had a horrible, too-clear thought: we're in big trouble here.

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