Time and Fate by Lance Price

Time and Fate

Lance Price

A sharp political satire, written by a Downing Street insider. He claims that it's entirely fictional, but it features a recognisable cast of politicians on the make, spin doctors and paranoid security chiefs. I found it witty without ever being really funny, and clever rather than engaging. If you enjoy the likes of Alastair Beaton and Armando Iannuci, I'm sure it will be right up your street.

The plane started to rumble forwards. Helen Griffith had taken her seat at the opposite side of the First Class cabin. She'd kicked her shoes off and was on her second glass of champagne. She'd seen Sinclair's vacillating performance in front of the journalists with her own eyes and assumed that was what they were so deep in conversation about. There wasn't much point in adding her own commentary on how crap he'd been.
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