Three Girls and their Brother by Theresa Rebeck

Three Girls and their Brother

Theresa Rebeck

Three young and beautiful redheads find fame when their photograph appears in the New Yorker and they are catapulted into the world of agents, paparazzi, stylists and film stars who are dying to meet them. This novel shows the girls, their disapproving brother, and their thrilled but inadequate mother thrown together and torn apart by sudden stardom. The dialogue is snappy, and the world of celebrity is sharply observed. If you know who Anne Wintour is, if you have leafed through Vogue or wondered what Naomi Campbell is really like, this is the book for you.

Plus, I'm carrying this really big gun that somebody tells me is an Uzi. Daria and Polly wear variations on the same island-pirate-princess-Arabian-nights thing, but Polly sports a littler silver gun, and Daria has two guns- one of which she's apparently supposed to aim at the camera, the other being strapped to her thigh with a really bizarre but also cute sort of leather garter thing.
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