Harem by Barbara Nadel


Barbara Nadel

An easy to read yet deeply disturbing crime novel with Istanbul as the backdrop and the enigmatic Cetin Ikmen to the forefront. The many twists and turns will hook you and so powerful are the descriptions of Turkish life, you can detect the aroma of strong black coffee on almost every page.

At first he thought his wife had lost either her patience with Vedat's laboured driving or her nerve over the steepness of the drop behind them. When however, dark unknown arms plunged into the body of the car and either just before or after he heard Kaycee scream, he realised that she was not leaving the vehicle of her own volition.
He lunged forward, attempting to grab something of her. 'Kaycee!'
But she was gone, into a thick knot of men and then, apart from the sound of her voice which called his name over and over, seemingly into thin air.
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  • Memoirs of a Byzantine Eunuch by Christopher Harris
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Explicit sexual content