Inland by Téa Obreht


Téa Obreht

This is an unusual kind of Western set in 1893. It’s the gritty story of Nora, a settler in lawless and drought ridden Arizona and Lurie, an outlaw on the run. A parallel story of survival and a trail across the West with a camel runs alongside. The whole is a sweeping tale of hardship and the reality of life for the people who live on the pages Gripping stuff.

Norah resumed her calculations. There were two, perhaps two and a half cups of water left in here. Filling at least one bladder in town and boiling a little more from the rainbarrel would restore the bucket to almost half-depth. They had gotten by on less all day. For now, she had only to go on resisting thirst herself - a feat more easily managed when she was not watching others drink. Perhaps inevitably, Toby came in frowning. 'I'm thirsty.' 'Want some water?' 'No Mama. I know you're awful worried.'
'There's a drop of coffee left.' He made a face. 'It's two days old!' He stood on tiptoe anyway and peered into the kettle.
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