Untied Kingdom by James Lovegrove

Untied Kingdom

James Lovegrove

Prepare to be disturbed by this vision of an England in the not too distant future where mobs rule part of London and raid smaller rural communities. Experience horror and pain as the trappings of society are stripped away and people manage as best they can. But don't despair completely - there are one or two glimmers of hope in this otherwise bleak view of our future.


It was hard to concentrate on finding his way when an unfilled stomach commanded so much of his attention. Obtaining something to eat was now a dark, hounding obsession. He approached strangers in the street - people who looked safe - hoping to cadge a meal, but no one was prepared even to listen to what he had to say. It was all too obvious from the way he approached that he was going to ask a favour, and whatever the favour was they weren't in a position to grant it. It wasn't that kind of world anymore. Maybe it never had been. They shooed him away like a stray dog.

  • The Children of Men by P D James
  • Plague 99 by Jean Ure

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