A Different Sky by Meira Chand

A Different Sky

Meira Chand

A book of contrasts as cultures collide against a backdrop of Singapore during WW2. There's no shying away from the graphic reality of the horrors and violence of war and political unrest, and it's an unsettling read at times. But with strong characters and sparks of hope for the future, it grips the reader like a vice.


'Why are you staying on?' Mei Lin asked, fear rushing through her. Already British doctors and nurses, some with stethoscopes still around their necks, were being loaded at bayonet point into open trucks to be taken for internment to Changi Prison. 'I'm a local nurse; I'm not in immediate danger. Besides, it's my job, I don't have choice. Patients need me. Your position is different and you must do as your grandfather says,' Cynthia insisted, calm as always, showing no hesitation.

  • The Singapore Grip by J G Farrell
  • Chef by Jaspreet Singh
  • Tenko - TV Series

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