The Late-Night News by Petros Markaris

The Late-Night News

Petros Markaris

A real must for fans of police procedurals who also like to learn something about other countries. And Costas Haritos could just become the most popular Inspector from Europe since Maigret.

While we were waiting for the lift, the girl suddenly broke free from the SAF man and bolted towards the stairs. The SAF man caught her on only the third step and brought her back.

The balconies and windows of the surrounding blocks were full of people taking in the spectacle. A band of reporters and cameramen had blocked the street in front of the block. They made straight for me, holding out their microphones. They were all speaking together and I couldn't hear what anyone was saying.
'No comment,' I said, in answer to all of them, and I walked towards the van that the SAF men had brought right up to the door.

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