The Demons of Chitrakut by Ashok Banker

The Demons of Chitrakut

Ashok Banker

A riveting story - the third part of a retelling of the Ramayana. It reads like a fantasy bringing these mythical worlds to life. Definitely one for a long winter's night in front of the fire.

She looked at him with an expression of utter serenity, like a palace cat that had partaken it's fill of milk and cream and fish. 'I said that I wished for Rama to go into exile for twice times seven years. And for my second boon, I wished to have my son Bharat crowned prince-heir on the morrow.' She whispered the next words, though they seemed to echo resoundingly in the vast, empty pillared chamber. 'And you said you could not refuse me anything I desired. And so the pact was struck.'
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