Running Hot by Dreda Say Mitchell

Running Hot

Dreda Say Mitchell

A grim and gritty tale of modern times. Schoolboy wants out, but he needs ready cash to get there. A chance encounter with a dead body seems to present him with the opportunity for some easy money. But there are others who want want Schoolboy has taken, and they are prepared to go to any lengths to get what they want.

A pacy read, full of well drawn characters. Dreda Say Mitchell conveys the harsh reality of street life in gangland London.

'Are you saying that a phone that's running hot was stolen from the Junction?' Schoolboy's voice was slurring with the first drink of information. 'I was only joking G. No way you would be tangled in that type of mess' Lord Tribulation reassured him .... 'I know that but just tell me about the phone.'
First the dead bloke was mentioned on the local news headlines and now his name could be the next to be written in bold black ink. He couldn't stop the spit leaking from the back of his throat and flooding between the barrier of his dry lips. He gulped a second time. His instincts had been right all along. He cursed Sensi and Dexter. He cursed himself.
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Explicit sexual content