Requiem Shark by Nicholas Griffin

Requiem Shark

Nicholas Griffin

If you like Hornblower you will love this book. There is enough adventure and rivalry to keep you interested until the very last page with an unexpected twist at the end.

Such was the breath of relief when the mainsail was finally set that it was almost enough to fill canvas and blow them from Devil's Island. Those who had left wives behind mourned them throughout the first watch when clouds and waves had a curious habit of imitating the female form, but the rest reminded them to be thankful for their freedom. Spirits were raised by the end of the first week, when they took not one, but two smaller sloops within a single day.
  • Hornblower series by C S Forester
  • Master and Commander and series by Patrick O'Brian
  • High Seas Adventure series by Iain Lawrence
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Explicit sexual content