Top of the World Ma! by Michael Guinzberg

Top of the World Ma!

Michael Guinzberg

Strange, livid and hilarious! This will keep you enthralled and laughing all the way to the end. The main character weedles his way into the rich set, and discovers that a strange new disease is killing off all of the women. Full of sex, money, horses, art and drugs, something for everyone!

So I took Pinataubo - sweet Pinataubo, shy Pinataubo - I took her between thumb and forefinger and I squeezed, I rolled the walnut nipplezit around, loosening the meat - the whitish-blue head showed, like a baby being born, then crawled back inside the fleshcase - then showed again, then hid, then emerged......then: blast off!!!! A hard solid rocket of zitmeat popped forth, bounced off the mirror, bounced off my chest and clattered into the sink, smacking and clacking and bouncing like a roulette ball, and finally coming to rest in the drain.
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Explicit sexual content