Rant by Chuck Palahniuk


Chuck Palahniuk

There's a car. It's got a Christmas tree strapped onto the roof, ablaze with fairy lights, and it is being driven by a lunatic. And other cars are trying to crash into it. Welcome to the world of Rant Casey - one man plague carrier, infecting the world even across time. And he has the strangest genetic inheritance, but can a man be his own father? And grandfather? A book for banjo country (think 'Deliverance').

Shot Dunyan (C Party Crasher): Talk about bullshit. Looking back on this. It's beyond bullshit, but sometimes I don't think when I brush my teeth, and I'd spit the toothpaste into the toilet instead of the sink. Force of habit. I never think how spit is really saliva, and I never consider how my dog used to drink out of the toilet.
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