The Exchange-Rate Between Love and Money by Thomas Leveritt

The Exchange-Rate Between Love and Money

Thomas Leveritt

Frito and Bannerman come to post war Sarajevo hoping to make their fortunes from Bosnian beer. Here they meet a huge cast of characters ranging from those also there seeking their fortunes to the various international aid and governmental agencies. Despite the setting, this is a funny novel depicting the utter chaos in the aftermath of civil war with brilliant descriptions of life in Sarajevo. There is so much going on that it is difficult at times to keep track of the plot which also includes a romance. The writing style is quite original; lots of dialogue and unconventional punctuation all of which offer a different perspective on an otherwise tragic episode in recent history.


'So what's the deal with Sarajevo Pivo?' - 'Sarajevsko Pivo' - 'Right. Sorry' - 'What do you mean, the deal?' - 'Why's it magic?' - 'Magic?' - 'I suppose ... why did the brewery keep brewing it all during the war?'

Jovan Amaranzic looks at Fritto with some amusement. 'You come to ViKA, you start conversation, and the first thing you say is the war?'
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