SuperJack by Adam Baron


Adam Baron

One of those crime novels where you know the seemingly unconnected plots will eventually cross, and with a street-smart detective who is not convinced of his client's innocence. However, the detailed descriptions of London made me want to visit the real locations and explore what lies behind the main thoroughfares of the city.


The tax return took my attention but I didn't even come close to picking it up. Unlike last time I had other things on my mind. I now had two bodies to worry about. Now there was twice as much heat on the man I was supposed to be helping. I tried to picture Draper, out there somewhere, his life turned upside down. It was easy enough to see that Draper had a motive for both killings, for McKenna as well as, or independent of, Alison .... I remembered the feeling I'd had when I first met him, how the success that he had oozed from every pore had me set against him. I thought of his voice on the phone that morning, how difficult he was to read. Was he shitting me? Was he? There was no way I could know. Not without finding him.

  • Hold Back the Night by Adam Baron
  • Any Resnick novel by John Harvey

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