Upon Dark Waters by Robert Radcliffe

Upon Dark Waters

Robert Radcliffe

This book is a mix of family saga and war story, with a bit of history thrown in for good measure. Michael has a privileged upbringing, and the story moves from his home in England to the family home in Uruguay. Much of the story centres on the U-boat attacks in the North Atlantic during WW2, but the wry humour used to describe even the most upsetting actions lifts the story making it lighter and easier to read.

'Anti-aircraft kite deployed, sir.'
'Where? I can't see it.'
'Over there, sir.' Brown pointed to a distant dot heading in the general direction of South America. 'We launched it, sir, but the wire broke. I imagine it wasn't strong enough. Sorry, sir.' We waited,uneasily, for the axe to fall, but Deedes just shrugged.
'Anti-aircraft kite deployed,' he said, turning forward. 'Good. Carry on.'
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