Stiff by Shane Maloney


Shane Maloney

The general rule for Murray Whelan seems to be if it can go wrong, it will go wrong. Despite a number of close shaves he manages to solve the mystery, with a few sideswipes at the Australian political system along the way. If you like your crime with a humorous twist you will enjoy this.

'Get anything?'
I doubted it. Whoever it was - not that I'd actually seen them - had not been moving like someone with a television set under their arm. I took a second look around. There was no sign of forced entry, no broken window or splinter marks around the locks. Everything seemed pretty much as I had left it when I'd gone to work. I had to laugh, imagining the look of dismay on the face of any housebreaker unlucky or dumb enough to target this place. Across the mouldy-smelling carpet of damp newspapers covering the lounge room the stereo was untouched.
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