The Bad Mother's Handbook by Kate Long

The Bad Mother's Handbook

Kate Long

The story gives an insight into three generations: daughter, mother and grandmother; and the complexities, frustrations, strains and powerful love of a family relationship. These become more strained with an unwanted pregnancy and senile dememtia. It's easy to feel sorry for Karen and her life. A down to earth read which is both funny and sad and heightens emotions. It's been nice to read a book with a happy ending.

Thiiiings can ONLY get better. It must be true, it was on TV. But you tell me what political party could sort out my problems. If I thought it would really make a difference I'd be down that polling booth at 7 a.m., but nobody really cares about people like us, stuck at home with only the insane for company.

We save this country a fortune and where does it all go? Bloody subsidies for bloody London opera houses and the like. I'd vote Monster Raving Loony if I could actually be bothered, but I haven't got the energy. It's all right them offering a lift to the polling station, but I bet none of them would be prepared to change Nan's bag while I was out exercising my democratic rights.

Politicians, they want to try living in the real world.

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