Edward Trencom's Nose by Giles Milton

Edward Trencom's Nose

Giles Milton

The mystery of a family of slightly unworldly cheese retailers mixed up in Greek history for five centuries. If you think you like cheese this book will have you wondering if you have really only tasted a small part of what's available. And if you want to be sure of the family secret you will have read to the end.

Elizabeth was rather more alarmed when she learned that Edward had completely lost his sense of smell on at least two occasions in the previous week. This was something that had never before happened. Even when he'd been suffering from the flu, which he'd caught from Mrs Tolworth the previous winter, he had retained some sense of smell. Elizabeth smiled as she recalled how Edward had managed to distinguish between a bleu de bassillac and bleu de laqueuille, even though his sinuses were so blocked that they left him with a sharp headache behind each eye. And then there was the matter of the cauliflower cheese. That was no less troubling. On the previous evening she had cooked him his favourite cauliflower cheese with a sauce made from Austrian bergkase and Swiss toggenburger. But Edward had picked at his plate like a young adolescent before declaring that he was not particularly hungry.
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