A Novel Bookstore by Laurence Cosse

A Novel Bookstore

Laurence Cosse

The intriguing plot, the establishing of a book shop in Paris which only sells 'good novels' is the highlight of this story. Sabotage from other booksellers and writers is suspected when some of the 'good novelists' are assaulted. The progress of the investigations into the crimes is at times rambling but Paris is atmospherically described with interesting insights into the book trade. Not an easy read but worth it for something a bit different.


On the third evening, they discussed how the novels would be chosen. ....
There was only one way: selection could not be entrusted to a single person, or even two, that would be too arbitrary. A committee of several writers would have to be put together, chosen writers each of whom would submit a list of their three hundred favourite novels, and the bookstore would retain not only the titles that everyone had chosen, but everyone's lists in its entirety, excluding any duplicates, obviously.

  • The Marais Assassin by Claude Izner
  • The Art of Fiction by David Lodge

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