Catching the Light by Karen Powell

Catching the Light

Karen Powell

Eleven-year old Kate is happy that her mother has found a new partner but everything changes when his children arrive to stay for the summer. Years later she is back in the same seaside village trying to come to terms with the effect that summer has had on her life and relationships. An engrossing, easy-to-read story that grew on me the more I read.

'I have no partner. And there's no question of continuing, I'm afraid,' I say repeating the exact words I used in the doctor's surgery in order to be referred here in the first place. I could tell her more, explain that someone like me is not to be trusted with another life, but though I turn the word over in my mind, trying to give it some weight - life, life, - I cannnot invest it with any kind of resonance. She understands enough though and gives me a sweet, sorrowful smile. Then we both consult our diaries.
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