Escape Routes for Beginners by Kira Cochrane

Escape Routes for Beginners

Kira Cochrane

The doomed attempts of Mexican Maria, her daughter and granddaughter to escape from their hopeless lives in the USA are told with such compelling black humour that I found myself laughing at what were truly very tragic predicaments. I shall certainly look for more by this author.


The young American actor was sat on a large straw throne at the far end of the pool, the chimp at his feet, starlet in his lap. Maria also recognized some of the girls - a few had worked at the Pantheon and been poached by other brothels. She had attended parties like this before and recognized the scene: the forced loucheness, hacking laughter, the cigarette holders so long that they were a threat to all but the most attentive eyes.

  • The Restraint of Beasts by Magnus Mills
  • The Loved One by Evelyn Waugh

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