Kingdom of the Golden Dragon by Isabelle Allende

Kingdom of the Golden Dragon

Isabelle Allende

If you forget anything else you may have read by Isabelle Allende and approach this as a children's book you won't be surprised by the style and plot, which are very much aimed at young adults. It's a mystical adventure story with goodies, baddies and magic, set in an imaginary Himalayan kingdom, and forms the second part of the trilogy which started with the City of the Beasts. If you enter into the spirit of things, it will keep you turning the pages right up to the end.

As soon as Nadia could think a little, she looked upward and saw that she was surrounded with slanting rock; overhead was the infinite peace of a clear blue sky that looked as if it had been painted on. She summoned her totemic animal to her aid, and with an enormous psychic effort transformed herself into a powerful eagle that flew out of the canyon in which she was trapped, high above the mountains. She glided silently above the heights, observing from above the landscape of snowy peaks and, much lower, the intense green of that beautiful country.
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