Temeraire by Naomi Novik


Naomi Novik

For fantasy readers who also like historical fiction, Temeraire combines the best of both worlds. Action and excitement keep you reading and make you glad that this is the first in a series. Like their riders in the elite Aerial Corps you too will soon appreciate the wonder of dragons!

The rifle-ball passed so close it stirred Laurence's hair; the crack of return fire sounded behind him, and Temeraire slashed out at the French dragon as they swept past, raking the deep blue hide with long gashes even as he twisted gracefully to avoid the other dragon's talons.
'It's a Fleur-de-Nuit, sir, the colouring,' Granby shouted, wind whipping away at his hair, as the blue dragon pulled away with a bellow and wheeled about for another attempt at the formation, its crew already clambering down to staunch the bleeding: the wounds were not disabling.
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