Empire Falls by Richard Russo

Empire Falls

Richard Russo

An interesting tale that carries the reader through with a sense of curiosity as to what will happen and what has happened. The characters are very real and multi dimensional, showing great insight into the human condition. A good read that builds to a dramatic climax and keeps you hooked to the end - just as well it's a long book!

When Mr. Brown danced out of the way, Miles slowly followed his tire tracks up the hill until the Lincoln bumped onto the blacktop and his former instructor fell out of sight in the rearview mirror. Cindy Whiting, who'd lapsed into a comatose silence ever since getting in the car, was still there, of course, and she offered up a tentative, almost frightened smile when she felt his eyes on her: In that moment, seeing only part of her face that extended from her mouth to her eyes framed in the rectangular mirror, Miles thought he saw someone else, someone vaguely familiar, someone he couldn't quite place. 'Power and control', Mrs Whiting repeated, a smile playing at her lips.
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