Rhythms by Donna Hill


Donna Hill

One tragic event shapes the lives of three generations of black women from the same family. Follow each woman on a journey of self-discovery, which is emotionally intensive yet compelling. Prejudice, dreams, family ties, love and forgiveness are the main themes of this book which is easy to read, with evocative descriptions and characters that you can empathise with.


Down in the Delta, somewhere just beyond Alligator, Mississippi, rests the colored section of Rudell, a community of less than five hundred, divided unequally by race, wealth, and religion by the Left Hand River. It was named such because from the top of the highest tree in Rudell the rippling river looks like a man's left hand. Yes, it sure does.

Well, today all the folks, black and white alike, moved heat-snake slow along the dusty, unpaved roads, pressed down by the heavy hand of the July sun.

  • This Rain Coming by A J Verdelle
  • The Color Purple by Alice Walker

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