The Silent and the Damned by Robert Wilson

The Silent and the Damned

Robert Wilson

This is a gripping and steadily paced detective story set in Spain. It took me ages to read - partly because of its slow and steady pace, but also I struggled with all the Spanish names, titles and places. However, it's so beautifully written, the language is lovely, and Inspector Jefe Javier Falcon is a sensitive but realistic romantic you can't help but like. Well worth the effort.

They went to the car. The whole family sat in the back. The children stroked Mario as if he was a damaged kitten. Consuelo leant in and kissed him hard. Falcon almost heard the physical wrench as she pulled back from car. He knew about the sickening sense of plummet that was forming in the boy's stomach as he started his free fall into motherless chaos. The routine of love was over. The woman who made you has gone. He was filled with pity for the boy. He drove with his bruised cargo back into the pulsating city.
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