In Real Life by Chris Killen

In Real Life

Chris Killen

Ian, Lauren and Paul went to university together. Ten years later what has happened to those hopes and dreams? This is an honest, poignant and sometimes funny look at real, ordinary life. Thanks to smartphones and computers communication is almost instant but meaningful relationships are elusive.

Somehow Paul finds himself teaching creative writing. He is thirty-one years old. He is going bald. He is wearing black skinny jeans and a pale blue shirt and a pair of smart, real-leather shoes. He is standing in a large room on the first floor of a university building, holding a marker pen, about to write something on a whiteboard. There are nineteen students in Paul's class, a mixture of second-and third-year undergraduates, and as they all look up from their horseshoe of desks, waiting for him to speak, whatever it was that Paul had planned on saying disappears completely from his head.
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