Still Life by Louise Penny

Still Life

Louise Penny

Art, antiques, murder, mystery, this one has got the lot. I read it very quickly and really enjoyed this police procedural set in rural Quebec. A must for detective addicts, art lovers, francophiles and anyone who is thinking of visiting Canada.

Jane’s living room assaulted them with colour. Huge Timothy Leary flowers daygloed, psychedelic three-dimensional silver towers and mushrooms advanced and retreated, enormous yellow Happy Faces marched around the fireplace. It was a veritable parade of bad taste.

‘Shit,’ whispered Beauvoir.

The room glowed in the gathering gloom. Even the ceiling between the old timbers was wallpapered. It was more than a joke, it was a travesty. Any lover of Quebecois heritage and architecture would feel wretched in this room and Gamache, who was both, could taste his lunch in his throat.

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