The Night Buffalo by Guillermo Arriaga

The Night Buffalo

Guillermo Arriaga

This book raises questions - who is a friend, who is an enemy? Who can be trusted? Who really loves who? This is a story of young love, increasingly complicated and disturbed by mental distress. It is a book about young people who should be carefree but are increasingly out of their depth in a turbulent adult world.


I found Tania sitting on the bench in front of the dressing table. She was combing her hair, naked (in accordance to an agreement we made where, while we were in 803, neither of us was allowed to be dressed, unless it was too cold).

Did you get the tameles?

Yes I answered and put the bag down on the dresser.

Were there any sweet ones?

No I said and put the gun and bullets in front of her, but look what I got.

Tania turned to look at me, wide-eyed and perturbed.

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