Something in the Sea by Yves Bonavero

Something in the Sea

Yves Bonavero

A successful city lawyer is enjoying a break aboard his yacht with his family when suddenly it becomes the holiday from hell. Nautical, but nicely gripping, I raced through this book: a story within a story that is a tense psychological thriller and also a moving reflection of love and loss.

'Do you know why children love stories?' Kurt asked.
We waited.
'Because they think it is fantasy. Fantasies are safe. But we adults recognise their unspeakable truth,' he went on.
'Truth? That is a big word,' I interjected.
'What do you actually mean?' Cathy asked.
Kurt pondered for a moment.
'Who is lurking behind all the monsters, witches, wolves, giants and sorcerers? Who, if not man? Cruel, selfish exploitative man?'
'What about love?' Cathy asked.
'Even when men love they are mostly being selfish.'
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