The Hidden Heart of Emily Hudson by Melissa Jones

The Hidden Heart of Emily Hudson

Melissa Jones

If you love nineteenth century fiction, you will enjoy revisiting the period with a modern author. Part letters and part narrative, this literary romance explores the struggles of Emily for independence and fulfillment. The historical setting really comes to life through the use of language Henry James would have been proud of!

Indeed all the comfort and grandeur of the drawing room, the convivial company, the feeling of alert, refreshed calm at being given a reprieve from the loneliness of the city, had given way abruptly to the same sensations Emily had felt among the pictures: heat, thudding heart, a noise of blood in her ears. The great works of art in the Gallery had held a charisma, an almost animal quality that made real people shadows by comparison. But for all his pallor, this gentleman's grace, beauty and energy made her remember why he had stood out among them. As they took tea, and Emily fumbled to manage her cup and saucer, her plate and fork, he remained a little detached from the group, leafing through some periodical or other, but also taking the opportunity to look at Emily and study her quite openly.
  • Portrait of a Lady by Henry James
  • The House of Mirth by Edith Wharton