Lizka and her Men by Alexander Ikonnikov

Lizka and her Men

Alexander Ikonnikov

A headlong rush into destructive relationships told with great wit and warmth. The work hard and play harder life in modern day Russia is a real eye-opener. Lizka gets through an assortment of men at a good old rate but you really do hope that the next one is the right one.

As she wandered aimlessly around the unfamiliar city, examining the shop windows and spending her mother’s meagre savings on cakes in almost every delicatessen, Lizka pondered her present situation. Although the reception from her only relative made her feel offended and rather sorry for herself, in her heart she rejoiced at her total freedom. Nobody in this city knew her or her mother, and now she had a chance to start a new, completely different life of her own.
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Explicit sexual content