Nirvana Bites by Debi Alper

Nirvana Bites

Debi Alper

I didn't find this as "hilarious" or "dark" as the review on the back of the book might have you think. The characters seemed stereotypical (not that I spend a lot of my time in a housing co-op in South London!)and not particularly engaging. Having said that, I romped through it in one go - the storyline was interesting enough to make you see it through to the end. First novel, so will be interested to see the next one.

Two things struck me about the fourth person in the room. The first was that I recognised him, though not by his face, which I'd never seen before. The other was that he was stark naked and up a ladder. The media world knew him as Stanley Highshore, top-ranking BBC executive producer and spouse of Tory MP Catherine Highshore.I knew him from another world. A world in which he was known as Stapled Stan. I'd better explain...
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Explicit sexual content