Harbor by Lorraine Adams


Lorraine Adams

Aziz escapes the atrocities of his native Algeria by hiding in a tanker and swimming ashore in Boston. He finds many Algerians already there, managing as best they can without papers, sleeping on the floor, sending money home. Some are honest and some are not, some wash dishes, others deal in stolen goods. Aziz soon finds that, even in America, he cannot escape the past. This is a riveting look into a closed world, slow to start but building to a dramatic finish.

He must be awake to the Rafik situation. Perhaps he should sit here and think about what exactly could go wrong. First, Rafik was untrustworthy. That put everything on a provisional basis. Never believe anything he said; three-quarters was clearly not correct .... Second, Rafik should be in a Tunisian prison for embezzlement, serving an eighteen year sentence. That meant he must be vigilant and reject Rafik's deals, offers, opportunities, ideas, notions. Third, Rafik would never change. This meant that Rafik was involved in some manner of wrongdoing this very moment.
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