A Kind of Intimacy by Jenn Ashworth

A Kind of Intimacy

Jenn Ashworth

In turns poignant, harrowing and violent, this is Annie's account of her attempts to start a new life in a new neighbourhood after a turbulent past (gradually revealed). A powerful debut peppered with black comedy - look out for the descriptions of her sexual exploits and adventures! The ending is shocking and horrifying and may well leave you torn between sympathy for Annie's fragile mental state and repulsion for what she has done.


When I'd made the tea and sat at the window watching the street get light that morning, I reflected on my actions and far from feeling rejected, breathed a sigh of relief that my plans for the milkman had been frustrated. Sometimes, I've realised, life is kind and saves you from yourself. It would take time to get used to a new house, and a brief period of solitude in the interim was to be expected. In fact, it would probably do me good. I'd been, despite all my hopes and plans, perilously close to returning to my own ways and scuppering the programme of self development and personal progress I had mentally set in place.

  • Notes on a Scandal by Zoe Heller
  • The Little House by Philippa Gregory

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