Apocalypse Baby by Virginie Despentes

Apocalypse Baby

Virginie Despentes

A darkly disturbing feminist road trip thriller featuring two lesbian detectives on the trail of a missing teenager. In translation from original French, the action takes place in Paris and Barcelona. With a rich cast of characters this is an emotionally challenging read with a lot of violence and graphic sex and an explosive ending. Touches of humour lighten the mood at times. Certainly a gripping page turner and one that stays with you.

I'm surprised by the silence she's managed to create. She's a tamer of heavyweights. Theres's something about her, her way of planting herself in the middle of the room, looking them straight in the face, something in her smile and her calm behaviour, that is slightly worrying. It's not exactly that she looks frightening, but her eyes are a little too bright, her good humour has this edge to it .... She has a gift for suggesting that things might get worse, and that she would be only too pleased if they did. She addresses the dark-haired boy with a certain gentleness, beneath which she doesn't try to conceal a note of pure madness.
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Explicit sexual content