Juniper Street by Sandra Freeman

Juniper Street

Sandra Freeman

Lovely cover and a book with a great setting: shades of Chocolat in the small French town and a cafe looking for clientele. Gay romances abound punctuated with plenty of ups and downs, humour and drama. The typeface is very small - and takes some effort, but it's worth it in the end.

'Hello, I'm Larry. You must be Dany. I've heard a lot about you' I've rarely encountered such a forceful handshake. 'Will you make me an omelette Dany?' It was almost an order. 'I can't leave the bar until Bernard has finished his meal. We've been extremely busy and he needs a bit of peace.' I had never been rude to a customer before, but she rubbed me up the wrong way. 'Meanwhile what can I get you to drink?' 'On the house is it? My parents told me this was an opening party with free booze.' 'It was. There was. You've missed it.' My hackles were beginning to rise. Bernard got up anxious to calm me down.
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