The Amnesia Clinic by James Scudamore

The Amnesia Clinic

James Scudamore

Anthony looks back to a time when he was a 15 year-old English boy fascinated by life in Ecuador in general and by his friend Fabian's 'stories' in particular. The two boys set off to find Fabian's mother - or do they? This is part road novel, part an investigation of the nature of truth, part J D Salinger meets magical realism. Overshadowed by a feeling of actual or impending violence, this is not a read for the faint-hearted BUT is thoroughly recommended for all who are, or who remember being young, and who like a challenge.

I felt a rising sense of panic, a sense that wrong things were being allowed to happen. This wasn't the way it was meant to be: these gates were the portal to pleasure, through which one was ferried, crying with laughter, in the back of a bullet-proof Mercedes. That day it felt more like being led to an execution.
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