Vellum by Hal Duncan


Hal Duncan

Here is a book to take you beyond our world and into the tracts of eternity, the Vellum. In the world of 2017, angels and once human beings (unkin) walk the earth. Out in the Vellum the ancient gods prepare for the final battle against the angels, with the unkin caught between them. Prepare yourself for a new look at history, at myth, at legend in this amazing fantasy of humanity.

Metatron’s fingernail, scratches across the blond one’s chest, a simple stroke here, another there, all straight lines like Chinese calligraphy. The angel just stands there, loyal and devoted, even as Metatron carves his soul up into pieces and rearranges it. There’s no questioning of his authority, his reasoning. The angel would fall on his own fiery sword if the Covenant’s scribe merely suggested it. As Metatron works on him, the angel starts to hum quietly, probably not even aware that he is doing so; he’s like a child with his hand over his ears, singing la la la, I can’t hear you. He starts to twitch.
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