Losing Gemma by Katy Gardner

Losing Gemma

Katy Gardner

A traveller's tale with a twist. Gemma and Esther fly to India for the backpacking adventure of a lifetime. Here, things suddenly explode, leaving Esther to return home, alone. A story of friendship, loss and betrayal set amongst the heat, filth, smells and sounds of India.

This is the story of Gemma and me: how I lost her, I suppose. I don't usually tell it to anyone but myself; I save it for the darkest moments: the long hours before dawn or the unexpected panics that creep up silently, mugging me from behind. That's when I repeat it again and again, revisting each small detail as if by the telling of it I might change the past. This time though, things are different. This time the past has already been erased.
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