Snitch Jacket by Christopher Goffard

Snitch Jacket

Christopher Goffard

If Carl Hiaasen and James Ellroy were to jointly update 'Of Mice and Men' this stylish, violently funny and completely unpredictable 'noir' could well be the result. And I guarantee you'll find Benny and Gus completely engrossing - love them or loathe them.


Gus shook his head and drank. 'They don't take these details into account when they make up our so-called laws, Benny .... You didn't know I was a philosopher too. My master's Mr F Nietzsche, the Kraut. He invented a lot of this shit. He's the second-greatest Outlaw of all time.'
'Who's the first?'
'Jesus Christ. I'm a Catholic from way back.'
'Jesus Christ?'
'He was the original Outlaw, and he hated the rich, and he fucked up their shit, which is why they had to kill him. A man who makes up his own rules is too dangerous to keep around. Same deal with Satan, who if you ask me always got a bad rap.'

  • Lucky You by Carl Hiaasen
  • No Country for Old Men - the film
  • White Jazz by James Ellroy

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