At Night We Walk in Circles by Daniel Alarcón

At Night We Walk in Circles

Daniel Alarcón

Comedy abuts nasty stuff to create a unique tension. Thoroughly recommended for either those interested in recent South American events, or in the mistakes a young man can make as brother, son, lover or father. Mistakes which, in Peru, can lead to a tragic end.


Members of her generation needed little help conjuring awful scenarios to explain otherwise ordinary situations. It was a skill they'd perfected over a lifetime ... as unwilling participant-observers in a stupid war, voting in one meaningless election after another: watching the currency collapse, stablize and collapse again; seeing their contemporaries succumb to stress-induced heart attacks and cancer and depression.

  • No-One Loves a Policeman by Guillermo Orsi
  • The Visitors by Patrick O'Keefe
  • The Way Inn by Will Wiles

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